Wi-Fi Smart Touch Switches

Intelligent Switches for Smarter Homes & Offices

In simple terms, they are touch-sensitive Control Pads. Or, in other words, Intelligent Switches. That means the most basic models are the modern substitute for conventional switches and switchboards. Moreover,they are always at an easy reach even in the dark, thanks to a soft illumination. In addition, they come in sleek and stylish designs that can take the luxury quotient of your home a notch higher.

Touch switches when compared to the regular switches are way more durable and safe. The conventional switches are made for 125k operations whereas these are made for 1 million operations which happen in a sealed casing hence providing additional protection from spark.

A quick glance

  • Feather Touch
  • Large Touch Buttons
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Multi Control - IR Remote, Touch & Smart Device
  • Retrofit - 4/6/8 Module Box Size

Appliances you can control

  • Fan Control
  • Light Control (On / Off)
  • Curtain & Blinds (Open / Close)
  • Master Switch (Capacitive Dim) (On / Off)
  • Light Dimming
  • Scene Control (AV-AC Off)
  • Remote Control (Infrared)