A barrier is a physical structure which obstruct the unauthorized vehicle to pass through. It is used to direct road traffic and such as post arranged in variety of structure to control the unauthenticated entry. Barriers are categorized as Bollard Barrier, Boom Barrier, Queue Barrier, Tripod Turnstile, Flap Barrier. Bollard barriers are used in industrial areas, hotels, residential areas to prevent the unauthorized entry.

Traffic bollards are used to protect pedestrians or cyclists in high traffic areas. Architectural Bollards are not used in applications where impact resistance is required. Bollard applications are fall into 3 categories are traffic, security and architectural. Boom barriers are used in level crossings, drawbridges, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. Automatic boom barriers are electro mechanical, which is widely used due to its reliability. Queue barriers are widely used at different venues to allow the entry and exit of people. Tripod barriers are used for access control and make life easier for reception staff at entrances to office and administrative buildings etc., Flap barrier also a gate way as other systems. Our products are highly appreciated for its quality, reliability and durability. Because of our market trust we extend our service to Kerala,Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Hyderabad, and Andaman Islands.