Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations is a vibrant company and en emerging leader in providing safety and security equipment in Chennai, India. We have a long list of client and customers who have always had nothing but satisfaction regarding our products and our services. Our primary objective is to be supply the latest, high-quality surveillance, safety and security systems and equipment to our clients as per their requirements, and to provide additional services so as to enable them to use those products as per their potential. We provide tailor-made security solutions to all our customers, and our quality of service has held us in good stead over the years, helping us cement a place for ourselves right at the top. Here are the services we provide, in a nutshell -

Supply of Safety and Security Solutions

Dhonaadhi Believes Customer is the King and they are the Pay Master and act accordingly.

Our main goal is to supply a wide variety of tried and tested safety and security related equipment. We source our products from reputed brands and trusted vendors, and have over the years built an extensive catalog of products of different kinds for our clients to choose from.

You can pick and choose from various ways in which you can engage with us over a prolonged period of time. This can be done by way of annual maintenance, installation, servicing and repairing of

  • Surveillance systems for different needs,
  • Access control and attendance monitoring systems,
  • Biometric sensors and smart ID cards,
  • Security systems including safes and locker, baggage scanners, metal detectors, turnstiles, guard patrol monitoring systems, and,
  • Remote controlled doors, video door phones etc.

Some of our other solutions like lighting systems, currency counting machines, anti theft mechanisms, paper and CD shredders and bar code printing machines are geared exclusively towards the retail industry. We also offer virtual conference equipment for corporate, training and educational purposes.


Our team of expert installers does a great job of seamlessly installing any of our products. They also provide basic operating instructions for ease and comfort of use.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our repair and maintenance crew provide fast, effective repairs for all our products. We also provide contracted maintenance work to ensure smooth operation and a longer life for all our solutions. We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contract for existing systems supplied by other vendors.