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Biometric Attendance System

Tracking out the employees start and stop time of work is a time consuming and costly process. Our Time attendance system plays a vital role in all the areas where there is a need to keep track of attendance. Further, Simplified time Attendance System helps you control labour cost, and improve productivity. Our system reduces the administrative works associated with attendance exceptions and enquiries. We have a portable device to track the attendance where there is no possibility of connecting the devices to the power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 3 types of Biometric Attendance system are Face, finger and card. Face Recognition provides contact less solution to Biometric machines. It provides faster verification and easier. Face Recognition provides greater level of accuracy. Fingerprint Recognition is used to verify a match between the two human fingerprints. Fingerprint is one of the main form of biometrics which shows the unique identity. Card Recognition is perfect for shift workers. In card recognition, data management is easy.

Biometric systems are used to secure the work place. Biometrics provides high end security. Biometrics are being increasingly used in various organizations to control the employees IN and OUT time of employees. Biometric access control systems are used to provide strong security in the entrances.

We provide you with the lowest cost that customer requires and our motive is needed to satisfy them. Our price ranges from Rs.20, 000.

We Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations provides the 3 years warranty for biometric attendance systems.

We offer one year free service and maintenance. We train you the people for proper operations of the attendance systems. You can use your old systems with new technologies.