Safegate DZ

  • Low Cost Single Zone Detector
  • Quick Installation – No Training Required
  • Automatic Zero Adjustment
  • LED Based Bar-graph Indicator
  • Intelligent People Counter For Entry, Exit & Algebraic Sum
  • Walk And Stop Indicators To Regulate Traffic
  • Detects All Metals, Alloys And Ferrites
  • Low Field Strength - No Effect On Pacemakers & Magnetic Media
  • SMPS Power Supply For Use With 90V To 270V
  • Built In Full-function Battery Backup For Over 12 Hours
  • Easy And Quick To Assemble And Erect.
SENSITIVITY 100 sensitivity levels for precision detection of target objects
CALIBRATION Automatic calibration. No initial or periodic calibration necessary
INDICATORS a) Adjustable audio indication. b) LED bar graph signal strength indicator c) Large LCD display for counting and message Annunciation14.4V.
INTERFERENCE REJECTION High immunity to external electrical interference, such as x-ray machines, Computer or CCTV monitors detected
TRAFFIC COUNTER Microcontroller based intelligent LCD counter to indicate in, out and algebraic sum of the traffic
POWER SOURCE SMPS 90-270V AC & 12V/7AH Battery Seamless battery changeover in case of mains failure Batteries are internally & automatically charged during operation
BATTERY BACKUP Integral 12V 7AH chargeable Battery with built-in charger to cope with power failures of over 10 hours
CONSTRUCTION Rugged structure made of detachable laminated side panels for ease to install & transportation
WEIGHT 70 Kgs (Approx)
MEMORY Parameters stored in non-volatile, RAM so no loss of settings as a result of power failure or turning off the unit