Model 2030

  • Large Oval Search Head For Extra Coverage
  • Instant Response, Clear Audible Alarm
  • Low Field Strength - No Effect On Pacemakers & Magnetic Media
  • No False Alarms - Digital Go, No-go Threshold Circuit
  • Red, Blue And Amber 3 LED Status Indicators
  • Simple Push-button Operation
  • Fully Automatic - Self Adjusting Circuit
  • Ideal For Weapon Screening
  • Detects All Metals, Alloys And Ferrites
  • Works On Only Two Rechargeable Or Disposable Penlight Cells
  • SMPS Charger For 90V – 270V Operation
Dimensions Length: 418mm, Width: 50mm, Thickness: 27mm, Coil Size: 190x95mm, Coil Area: 180sq. cm
Alarm Indicators 1) Blue Light: Power On 2) Amber Light: Detection 3) Red Light (Flashing): Low Battery
Warranty 1 year on parts and labor
Batteries 9V Battery
Batteries Two 1.5 V Penlight Cells
Battery life Over 80Hrs on Ni/Cad cells
Body Rugged ABS construction
Weight 415gms (with battery)
Charging Current 60mA ± 10%