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Surveillance Systems
For optimum security, there is always the need for accurate and constant monitoring of areas that might be sensitive or are privy to limited access. Keeping an eye on proceedings may turn out to be the only way to prevent security breaches, and for prompt and effective interference in case of such a breach. In a variety of situations, you might find yourself looking for the right kind of surveillance solutions to keep your home or workplace safe and secure. At Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations, we understand the need for surveillance, and our range of surveillance solutions do complete justice to your constant monitoring needs. Be it a small area or large, sparsely populated or crowded, we have just the right products which will enable you to enforce and maintain effectively security. Here are some of the surveillance products we showcase at Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations -
  • Security cameras, both wired and wireless, for effective surveillance spread over any amount of area. We have both dome style and C mount cameras in our catalogue, and you can get a wide range of features to choose from.
  • Closed circuit television or CCTV solutions for remote monitoring of footage taken by our security cameras. This is great for scenarios where real-time surveillance is essential.
  • Digital recording systems from security camera feeds, which make it easy to replay every second of the surveillance footage captured by our state of the art surveillance cameras.
  • Home surveillance systems including door phones and video door phone which put you in control of permitting entry to your house for an added measure of security.
We, at Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations, pride ourselves on the quality and attention to detail that we maintain in our products, and will surely be able to provide you with the right solution.
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