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Security Systems
Security is of paramount importance in any line of work, and efforts should always be made to enhance security and have important data and items placed under failsafe security. You might want to restrict entry to a particular place, place valuables in a safe location, monitor and communicate with guards and security personnel, perform quick security checks on people, automobiles and luggage or make a perimeter for protected locations. If you have any of the above requirements or something similar, you have to come to the right place – Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations. We are pioneers and trendsetters when it comes to supplying security solutions and related equipment, and our products come with our guarantee of performance and reliability. We offer enhanced security and safety measures as a primary requirement in office buildings, banks and public venues. Our repertoire is a testament to our quality, as evident from the below points –
  • Mechanical and digitals safes and lockers, made from high quality materials, keep your valuables safe and secure. Expertly calibrated and easy to use, our mechanical lockers are particularly good for protecting important items and data. Our digital lockers come with keypad-based number entry, and an option to override the code and go back to the default in the event of an emergency.
  • If you have stationed guards and security personnel, use our guard patrol systems to extract maximum performance from such arrangement. On demand two-way communication with clear, precise radio connection and location services are some of the great features available with our security systems that let you connect instantly with the guards on duty.
  • For entry-point security solutions, use our premium quality metal detectors, vehicle undercarriage mirrors, and luggage x-ray monitors to effective check for security breaches.
With the products we showcase at Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations, you can be sure of pervasive and all-inclusive security no matter what your requirements are.