Unidentified persons hurtled the crude bombs at the office of the popular Tamil TV channel Puthiya Thalaimurai channel. The incident happened in the early morning when four motorcycle-borne youths hurdled two crude bombs packed in tiffin boxes. Atleast two tiffin box bombs have gone off inside the office premises. Police have gathered the evidence and are investigating. Journalists in the Puthiya Thalaimurai channel said nobody was injured in the incident and that no major damage to property was reported. They said that these incidents were caught on CCTV cameras.

Four unidentified men hurdled two crude bombs in tiffin boxes at the office of a Tamil TV news channel Pudhiya Thalaimurai in Chennai around 3 AM on 11 MARCH 2015. The entire incident was caught by CCTV camera. The attack was of low intensity but the intent behind this attack was higher than it seems and they will try to condemn it. Then this is the state of media in India.

In the two bombs, one hit the compound wall while the other fell in front of the office, which is the big shock of employees and securities present in the office, who were on night shift. It was a low intensity blast and no one was hurt.

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