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Fire Alarm Systems
Fire safety is one of the most important safety measures for any establishment, which is unfortunately an oft-overlooked security measure. Right from homes to corporate office and public venues, fire safety is of paramount importance. In the event of an emergency, there is the need for swift evacuation, and immediate notification to the local firefighting system. There are important government regulations too regarding fire safety norms that need to be adhered to by a good fire alarm solution. In order to be in control during an emergency, you need the very best available file alarm solution for your establishment.
If you are looking for efficient fire alarm solutions that can help you maintain fire emergencies, look no further than Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations. We have made a name for ourselves as suppliers and distributors of quality fire alarm solutions for many years, and our products provide you with the kind of safety and reliability that you want.
Some innovative products in this category include
  • Conversational fire alarm
  • Addressable fire alarm
  • Networkable fire alarm
  • Wireless fire alarm
Below are some of the features of the finest fire safety equipment available on the market currently supplied by Dhonaadhi Hitec Innovations–
  • Our wired fire alarm systems are a class apart when it comes to providing cutting edge fire emergency response. Fitted with advanced fire detection systems like beam detectors, heat detectors and smoke detectors, these systems trigger immediately in the event of a fire emergency. Once the alarm has been triggered, our strobe lights and hooter alarms send the message to all occupants.
  • This system also comes with manual public address system for communicating instructions to people in case of a fire.
  • These smoke detectors also posses the magnetic test features that help make maintenance easier.
  • We also offer the same features and quality at a great price for smaller, home use. Customers who want our products for home use can pick and choose from our individual products for the best combination to suit their homes.